Wednesday, 6 April 2011


 बड़ी ही सरकश है फ़ितरत उम्र की मौज़ों की
 दौरे-ग़र्दिश में कुछ कहने की सतवत मना है
 यहाँ वो आयें जिनको हो तलाशे-ख़ामोशी
 मेरी रूहे-शिकश्तां  को बड़ा ख़ौफे-सदा है

Rebellious by nature are the waves as i see them in sea of my life
One is often denied, in such times of misfortune,  the dignity to preach,
Welcome you are, O seeker of silence, if only you are one
Scared of voices as we are - the pieces of my shattered soul beseech 

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